About Mischief Maker Ferretry

Mischief Maker Ferretry is located on the Shropshire/Powys border, on a picturesque hillside.

I am a vet and a hobby breeder of miniature ferrets, otherwise frequently referred to as 'micros'. I have a long standing love of small furries and used to keep and rescue rats before I strayed into the world of ferrets.

In January 2012 I brought my first ferret home, the very tiny Mouse. She came to me with no name and her only history was that she had been sold with a job lot of ferreting equipment. Mouse was covered in physical injuries and would scream whenever a ferret came near her.
I decided she needed a small size friend and took Mouse with me to choose her friend. Mouse picked the plainest, fattest, little sable jill. I named her Panda and Mouse adored her.
At Panda's first season with me I decided to breed her and Panda's litter were wonderful; 7 little bundles of naughtiness. Out of the litter, Parsley and Mara stayed with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and decided breeding ferrets was for me.
Devastatingly, 6 months later Panda developed a malignant adrenal gland tumour and was put to sleep, and this halted my plans to breed.

After losing Panda, I decided if I was ever to breed any more litters I would need new bloodlines as I could not risk the possibility of a genetic health problem in the line, and losing Panda at just over 2 years old was enough to stop me considering breeding Parsley or Mara.

Birth of the Mischief Maker Line

In January 2014 I decided I wanted to breed miniature ferrets, and set out to find and bring home some of the best miniatures in the country.
I started with a trio: Mischief, Princess and Marley.

Mouse has been my ultimate inspiration for the type of ferret I aim to breed. She had a wonderful quiet temperament and could be handed to anyone and would simply lick.
Mischief is very similar to Mouse, right down to being a champion dead-sleeper, which is how she became the namesake of our line!

I have to find something I love in every ferret I breed, otherwise I won't breed that particular ferret.

In late 2014, I went in search of unrelated miniature ferrets to ensure that Mischief's daughters could have litters when their time came, and I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people passionate about their ferrets, and find some amazing little ferrets to carry on the Mischief Maker line.

We aim to improve year on year, and always make our breeding choices with this in mind.