Ferret Coat Colours

Champagne Harlequin Mitt

Champagne harlequin mitt has the standard champagne colour with white bib, mitts and white on the knees and belly. This can be minimal or extensive but white markings should be present on the chest, feet, knees AND belly. The face can have varying white marks which can include a fully white muzzle and white spot on the back of the head. The nose can be light brown, spotted, shaded or pink, but is usually pink.

Champagne harlequin mitts usually grey with age and can turn completely white within 3-5 years. The roaning pattern typically starts at the hindlimbs and spares the shoulders, forelimbs and tail. They should not be mistaken for dark lilac/copper who start to roan from the front and keep colour longest on their back and tail.


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A- B- cpc E- spsp rr