Ferret Coat Colours

Chocolate Mitt

Chocolate mitt has the standard chocolate colour with white bib and mitts, there should be no white on the belly but can be white on the knees (blinkers). The mitts can cover just toes or the entire foot. The face can have varying white marks which can include a fully white muzzle and white spot on the back of the head. The nose can be brown, spotted, shaded or pink.

Chocolate mitts usually grey with age to a lesser extent than harlequin mitts.

Mitts can also be due to the silvermitt gene, generally these are recognisable because there are four even white mitts to above the foot and a white bib. There are NO blinkers (white patches on the knees) in silver mitts and no belly spots. There may be white hairs intermingled with the brown hairs on the belly but this is even and not defined white areas.


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