Ferret Coat Colours

Champagne Silver Mitt / Lilac / Copper

Copper have light brown hairs intermingled with white and always have a white undercoat. The dark copper phenotype can have classic champagne points with white bib and four even white mitts covering the entire foot. The face can have varying white marks. The nose can be light brown, spotted, shaded or pink.

Copper come in a range of shades from light brown through to almost white and typically roan with age and eventually go white. The roaning pattern on a copper typically progresses more rapidly at the front end and spares the back and the tail, in contrast to the roaning pattern on harlequin mitts.

Copper can have light brown patches which do not roan, and these are usually randomly placed on the ferret. This is a feature of the silvermitt gene and appears to be heritable. The exact cause is unknown.


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