Applying for Ferrets

We only sell our kits to the best homes, and in order to ensure this is always the case, we reserve the right to refuse any home for any reason.

We initially will want a reasonable amount of information from yourselves as potential owners of our ferrets, and would urge you to be as honest and open as possible. In return we are open to any questions from yourselves.

So ... what makes us different to other ferretries?

We will ALWAYS take any ferret back for any reason, it is generally quite hard to home adult ferrets, so no matter how old or what the health issues, if your ferret was bred by us, it has a home with us if you cannot keep it.

We are always honest about the health and temperament of our lines, and are happy for you to meet the whole gang when you come to meet or collect your kits.

We will provide advice and support for the lifetime of your ferrets. No matter the problem, we are always available for advice and help.

We raise our ferrets to be handled by as many different people as possible, and they receive the best possible care in the time they are with us. We will never knowingly sell an unwell ferret.

We do not churn out dozens of ferrets per year for profit. Each breeding is carefully planned and each ferret is loved, regardless of breeding status. We do not over charge for our ferrets, we simply aim to cover the costs of each litter.

We are actively breeding for better health and temperament, alongside small size, and for this reason we will rarely, if ever, repeat a mating. We believe every breeding should aim for something improved on what we have.

If we cannot find suitable homes for our kits they stay. Simple as that. For as many months or years until a suitable home is found. I do not ever want to contribute to numbers in rescues, nor do I ever wish to put any of my ferrets in sub-optimal situations.

We do not home kits on their own, ferrets need the company of their own kind in order to be able to express natural behaviour. A lonely ferret is an unhappy and unfulfilled ferret. People, cats, dogs or any other creature cannot be a substitute for another ferret.

Our kits are all health-checked before leaving for their new homes and we never knowingly sell an unwell ferret.

So, if you think you would like to own a Mischief Maker Ferret

Please fill out and submit the following form. We cannot guarantee that you will get a particular kit from a particular litter as we wait until kits are 5-7 weeks old before picking who we will keep, to allow personalities to develop and have a better idea of who is the best to continue the lines with the traits we want.

You must be at least 16 years old, otherwise your parent or guardian must complete this form. Please complete every field to ensure your form is successfully submitted.

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Your Location:

Previous experience owning ferrets? Please give details of how many, when you owned them and how they were kept.

How you intend to house and what you intend to feed your ferrets from Mischief Makers

Why would you like Mischief Maker Ferrets? What your plans would be for these ferrets (ie. work/pet/breeding)

Do you breed ferrets? If so how many litters per year, reasons for breeding and how they are homed (as much detail as possible please).

Are you happy to give regular updates and sign a contract on collection of your kits specifying they will be returned to Mischief Makers if they cannot be kept?

Which litter are you interested in? And do you have any colour, size or gender preferences? (please give at least 3 choices)
Please note I do not home ferrets to homes where they will be the only ferret kit

Pricing of my ferrets may vary from litter to litter.

Generally, most ferrets are priced at around 70 a kit, and for this our kits are microchipped, faecal sampled, treated for flea and ear mite prevention and you will also receive some of their food, a starter pack of toys, treats, a harness or hammock, a caresheet and a lifetime of advice and support with your ferrets.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not happy with the price, please do not enquire.

It is quite insulting, when some other breeders price their ferrets at over 200, to receive phone calls or emails attempting to haggle down the price. My ferrets receive the best food, care and their socialisation and nip-training is started at an early age, not to mention the time and cost that goes into all of the ferrets at Mischief Maker. There will always be ferrets available online for less money than mine or even free, and if you are after a 'bargain', please do seek these out. Do not ask me to match other adverts' pricing.