Our Hobs


CFW Barley

*Champagne mitt miniature hob
*Born May 2015
Barley came from a small greyhound/micro breeder on the Wirral and he has some good genetics! He is brother to Willow and Fern. He is a gentle hob who is sweet with people and other ferrets. Barley is our v-hob, being such a gentle boy, it is up to his sisters to pass on the line.


Mischief Maker's Ash

*Sable miniature hob
*Born 9th August 2015
*Nutmeg x Sydney
*Entire - implanted
Ash is the first miniature hob born here at Mischief Maker and is a very special little boy. He has a stunning temperament and is a complete sweetheart. I am really happy to say that he is a chunky miniature. Some miniatures seem to struggle to gain and retain weight but I'm happy to say Ash is a solid little man - everything a hob should be, just a bit smaller! He has had some beautiful litters and may be bred again in the future!


Mischief Maker's Dock

*Sable miniature hob
*Born 19th May 2016
*Fern x Eli
*Entire - implanted
Dock is the perfect combination of his Mum and Dad and has the most gorgeous temperament. He has the same small size as both parents and just the nature we aim for.


GW Tarka

*Blak self part miniature hob
*Born 31st May 2016
*Entire - implanted
Tarka is Enya's brother and is a beautiful hob. He is small standard, but he is truly stunning with a temperament to match. Tarka has had some amazing babies here, and some have gone on to be show winners in their new homes. His conformation is exceptional.


SL Thistle

*Sable part miniature hob
*Born 16th May 2016
Thistle is a little hob completely unrelated to our own and from another mini breeder who started out the same time as we did. Thistle is not the smallest hob here, possibly matching Barley in size, but he has that gorgeous teddy bear face like our best hobs and a wonderful soft temperament.


Mischief Maker's Brin

*Sable half miniature hob
*Born 28th April 2016
*Tweasle x Sydney
Brin is a lovely small standard hob with a chunky build and very loveable temperament. He has a wonderful head shape and carries chocolate which is a huge bonus.


PJW Silver

*Silver miniature hob
*Born May 2014
Silver is a beautiful hob gifted to us by a friend. He had already proven himself in his previous home and has settled right in here. He had a lovely litter in 2019 with Tulip, but sadly the kits were much too small. He will need to be paired carefully in the future to prevent extreme small size in his offpsring.



*Lilac miniature hob
*Born 3rd May 2018
Sisal is an absolutely stunning hob who I feel very lucky to have. He is a very sensible young hob, with a kind nature. Sadly, Sisal's brothers with other owners are cryptorchid, and even though this is not the case with Sisal he has been vasectomised to avoid passing this heritable problem down to kits. He has an important job taking some of the pressure off Barley during the breeding season.



*Sable miniature hob
*Born June 2015
Tully joined us as a proven hob from another miniature ferret breeder who has been established many years. He has a lovely temperament and lovely conformation, akin to Basil. I hope he will pass these traits down to his kits in the future.


Mischief Maker's Nile

*Sable mitt miniature hob
*Born 27th April 2019
*Minx x Birch
Nile is an absolutely gorgeous little hob, and reminds me of Flint in his younger days. He has a stellar personality and I am really excited to see him mature and hopefully breed him in the future.


Nurton's Burdock

*Sable mitt part miniature hob
*Born 18th May 2018
Burdock came to me as his first home fell through due to him being too big! He has a fabulous temperament and really solid build. He is a slightly larger hob but his bloodlines go back to Tully's lines and there is fantastic health there. I am very excited to see how Burdock develops and meet his kits in the future.


Nurton's Fennel

*Sable part miniature hob
*Born 20th May 2018
Fennel is half standard working line and has the wonderful solid and compact build I hoped he would develop. He is a half brother to Burdock and so shares some of the same great lineage. His temperament is just perfect and I am excited to have him here at Mischief Makers.