Loved and lost

Ferrets gone but not forgotten ...



April 2010 - September 2012

Panda joined us from a small size ferret breeder in Yorkshire, and she was chosen by our gorgeous Mouse who was quite fussy about her cagemates.
She came to me with a few behavioural issues and I've never had a biter quite like her, thankfully after a few months of patience and pesistence, she turned into the most loving and cuddly little jill. She had a beautiful litter to a friend's hob in 2012 and gave us the gorgeous Parsley and Mara. Sadly, later on in 2012 she developed a malignant adrenal gland tumour and I had to make the decision to allow her to pass.

Taken too soon my sweetheart. Never once forgotten x


WW Marley

May 2013 - June 2014

Our beautiful Marley was a stunning part miniature who joined us from Yorkshire along with our beloved Mischief. He was such a quiet and sweet hob, and incredibly gentle. He gave us two stunning litters here in 2014.
He sadly developed gastric ulceration due to Helicobacter mustelae and I could not save him despite treatment. He passed away in my arms.
Marley lives on here in his daughters

My little man stolen away. You fought so hard. Run free baby boy x


HAH Chocolate

April? 2005 - June 2015

Chocolate came to us in 2014 along with Snowy, Sydney, Henry and Flower and she was an absolute joy to have.
Chocolate passed away very suddenly in her bed, and a post mortem revealed lymphoma.

Stolen away by the cruelest of diseases. You are sorely missed my darling and always will be. Play hard up there x


HAH Snowy

April 2004 - March 2016

Snowy joined us along with Sydney and her kits, Henry and Flower, in 2014 and was an amazing little ferret, one of the cuddliest jills I have ever known. She was just fabulous in every way. I feel priveliged to have had her in my life for the amount of time I did.
Snowy was diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2015 and sadly we had to help her pass once her quality of life had deteriorated.

She lived life to the full and leaves a big hole. You will always be remembered and missed Snow-bo x



April 2005 - May 2017

I brought Mouse home in January 2012, and she was just perfect. She had a blurred history and was free. She was a part miniature and had been sold to a working home along with a joblot of nets and locators and had been put in a hutch with numerous large hobs who had not only left physical scars, but emotional ones too. Mouse stole my heart and picked her own friend, Panda, a month or so later. She was the most incredible little jill and was loved by everyone, even those who didn't like ferrets!
Mouse grew old gracefully and I helped her across the bridge at home on the lawn on a sunny day.

My first ferret. This little lady started it all and set the bar high. Missed every single day x


DCG Dolly

June 2015 - May 2017

Dolly joined us in 2015 and came from a good friend in Grimsby. She was incredibly tiny and had a beautiful temperament. Dolly was never bred as I had concerns about her size and ability to carry and rear a litter. She helped Fern rear her litter in 2016 and helped Tweasle through her maternity in 2017.
Dolly became suddenly very unwell and passed within a day and although a post mortem revealed nothing concrete, an acute illness was confirmed and insulinoma suspected to be a part of this

My precious little Dolly. You were taken far too soon. Missed by me and all your friends x


Mischief Maker's Mara

May 2012 - November 2017

Mara was such a feisty jill kit, she stayed with us as I suspected nobody would want the bitiest kit in the litter. She grew into a fabulous gentle jill though and was my stunning girl. Mouse adored her. Mara was never bred in light of the fact her mother had passed with a neoplastic condition that we were concerned may have a genetic basis.
Mara was diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2017 and we helped her pass at home when medication no longer gave her a good quality of life.

My beautiful Mara. You'll be missed sweetheart. I hope you're reunited with Mouse up there x


Mischief Maker's Parsley

May 2012 - January 2018

Parsley was a huge gentle giant and my baby always. He was born here in 2012 and I just could not part with him. He was sadly diagnosed with adrenal gland disease at 18 months old, despite being entire and did incredibly well with regular implants, living a further 4 years before the condition progressed and I had to let him go.

My gorgeous boy. A huge teddy bear and my baby boy always. Join Mouse and Mara my Parsley man x


Mischief Maker's Ebony

19th May 2016 - 12th June 2018

Ebony was born here out of Summer and Ash's 2016 litter. She was a very fast, but very lovable jill, having inherited the character of her mother.
Ebony was never unwell in her short life, and died very suddenly when her litter were 3 weeks old. A post mortem revealed she had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is rare in ferrets but typically produces no clinical signs prior to sudden death.

My stunning girl. Such a sweet jill taken far too soon. There was nothing I could have done, dook in peace my girl x


CFW Willow

May 2015 - 26th September 2018

Willow was Fern's bigger sister, and came home to Mischief Makers in 2015. Willow loved people, just like her siblings, and was a complete joy. She had her first and last litter in 2016 and gave me 4 wonderful kits. Willow had endometritis and underwent an emergency spay 2 days after whelping, but made a full recovery following this and still managed to rear her kits. She had come through so much and was such a tough little jill.
Post mortem didn't reveal an infectious, inflammatory or cancerous cause for Willow's sudden passing. I never saw her unwell and never had a chance to save her.
After extensive investigations following a disease outbreak in September/October 2018, it is likely Willow died with botulism from contaminated food.

My little sandy quicksilver girl. She gave me so much and I miss her. Dook in peace my special little lady x


Mischief Maker's Aspen

18th May 2018 - 7th October 2018

Aspen was a beautiful young hob with a really lovely temperament. He was so mischievous and so sweet. He survived against the odds as a tiny kit, and grew into the most handsome boy. He was a proper Mummy's boy and loved his cuddles. I had such high hopes for my boy, but sadly it wasn't meant to be.
Aspen suddenly started struggling to breathe and after investigations, the kindest thing was to let him go. A post mortem revealed dilated cardiomyopathy. Whether this was the result of his rocky start to life I will never know.
After extensive investigations following a disease outbreak in September/October 2018, I now suspect Aspen died with botulism and the heart abnormalities were not the primary cause of his death.

My handsome boy, he brought me so much joy and made me so proud in his short time on earth. I will always miss you and wonder what might have been. Dook in peace my precious Aspen x


Mischief Maker's Flint

29th May 2016 - 18th October 2018

Flint was the long awaited hob here at Mischief Maker and he did not disappoint. He was a hugely people-oriented ferret and was so agile and naughty! He was forever looking for the next adventure. He had all the best bits of his Mum, Willow, and his Dad, Basil.
I found Flint struggling to breathe one evening and despite emergency treatment he passed away within hours. A post mortem revealed Flint died of botulism during an outbreak of disease in the ferretry.

Flint, you were so naughty, but so wonderful. I am so sorry I couldn't save you baby boy and I will never stop missing you. Dook in peace Mr Flint x


KF Stinker

May 2016 - 19th October 2018

Stinker joined us in 2017 and I was so excited about his arrival here. He was a fabulously lovely, sweet hob and loved his best mate, Brin. He was a busy lad, and always nosey. He used to supervise cleanout time from his hammock and never missed a thing. Sadly, despite several pairings, Stinker never fathered any kits with us.
I found Stinker struggling to breathe the next evening after losing Flint and, like Flint, he passed away in a short time despite treatment. A post mortem revealed Stinker had likely contracted botulism, due to contaminated food, and was the fourth casualty of the outbreak here.

My stinky boy, you were so loved. Your character will always make me smile and I am so sorry we didn't have long. Miss you my Stinky boy, dook in peace x


HAH Henry

May 2014 - 23rd December 2018

Henry arrived with us as a young kit and was intended to be a breeding hob. After his Mum, Snowy developed lymphoma however he was neutered to prevent breeding health problems into the line. Henry has been a happy ferret all of his life and I was devastated to discover an abdominal tumour in September 2018.
Henry did so well on palliative care and even the day before he passed he was running around in the sunshine with his Dad, Sydney, and half brother, Brin.

Mr Henry, you were your own boy and always did things your own way, even at the end. I'll miss you my boy, find your Mum up there and play hard like always x


JB Bracken

2009 - 2nd April 2019

Bracken came home along with Basil in 2015, she was not a planned addition but was the last ferret to be sold by her previous owner and I hadn't the heart to leave her there alone and only take Basil. She has been a lovely jill and had few health problems over the years.
At the start of 2019, Bracken started to really show her age and was started on treatment, she did so well for a few months but passed very suddenly in her sleep one day. A post mortem was not performed.

We will miss you Bracken, especially Basil. Be young and full of energy again up there and wait patiently for your boy to join you x


MW Peridot

23rd May 2018 - 19th April 2019

Peridot was only with us here for a short time before he sadly developed lymphosarcoma. Despite aggressive treatment, it just wasn't meant to be and our precious boy couldn't pull through.

You'll be missed Peridot,taken far too soon in the prime of your life. Be young and free of pain x


Mischief Maker's Flora

19th May 2016 - 16th May 2019

Flora was a wonderful little soul, sweet and friendly and always so gentle.
When Flora was pregnant with her first litter she encountered serious complications, despite emergency surgery she was too unwell to pull through. I will always be devastated at her loss.

You'll never be forgotten beautiful Flora, dook in peace my darling x


WW Mischief

April 2013 - 10th June 2019

Mischief was the most wonderful little ferret, gentle and unassuming with ferrets and people and just lovely.

I owe Mischief everything, she founded the Mischief Maker line and has given me some wonderful characters in her litters.
Her legacy will live on always here through her sons and daughters, and all of their descendants

Mischief developed an ovarian tumour, routine surgery was undertaken with a soft tissue specialist to remove this, but she suffered a cardiac arrest under anaesthetic and rescuscitation was unsuccessful. It was a huge shock to lose her so suddenly and she was bright and lively and her normal self right up to her last morning.

Mischief, you were one in a million. I'll always love you x


DCG Honey

13th May 2016 - 5th September 2019

Honey was always a very mischievous little jill, but she was very sweet and stole my heart from the moment she came home.
Honey very suddenly became critically unwell and passed despite aggressive treatment. A post mortem revealed nothing abnormal and no reason for this; later events lead me to believe that Honey suffered with botulism which hit the ferretry yet again.

Play hard up there Honey, just like you always did. Be forever young and strong x


Mischief Maker's Eli

27th August 2015 - 21st September 2019

Eli was my dream boy, the most exciting kit ever born here and his grandfather's grandson through and through. His temperament was exceptional and he was such a mummy's boy. Always up for a cuddle and aways gentle and sweet, just like his Mum.
Eli passed in an almost identical way to Honey, very suddenly becoming acutely unwell and passing despite desperate efforts to save him. This has all the hallmarks of yet another case of botulism.

I'll always be heartbroken to have lost Eli like this. Play hard my boy and wait for me x


JB Basil

August 2013 - 20th November 2019

Basil came to me as a young adult and I have always felt very lucky to have him. He was a heck of a character, and expert escape artist! He has had some wonderful babies and lives on in them.
Basil was diagnosed with a renal tumour a month before his passing. He was kept comfortable on a cocktail of medication and passed with dignity when the medication was failing to keep him comfortable.

Go and roam free up there Basil. Wander the hills and the fields as you always enjoyed x


GW Enya

31st May 2016 - 13th December 2019

Enya was a beautiful jill, inside and out. She was always busy and always there to meet me at tea time.
Enya became unwell with botulism in 2018, but recovered against the odds.

Tragically, I found Enya passed in her pen when I came to give breakfast, she had shown no signs of illness prior to this. A post mortem revealed no obvious reason for her passing, meaning that Enya was likely to have been yet another victim of botulism.

Dook in peace Enya. Weasel war dance with Ebony, like you always used to x


MJL Kalani

5th July 2017 - 18th December 2019

Kalani was adored from the moment I saw her photo when she was a young kit. She was a wonderful jill, with a special character.
Her life was full of promise and I was so excited for time yet to come with her.

Sadly, Kalani became unwell with signs of botulism and developed pneumonia secondarily, after battling for 4 days her body was too tired and it was kinder to let her go.

Play hard up there with Honey and Eli. You're missed always x


HAH Sydney

April 2007 - 27th March 2020

Sydney joined us in 2014, our first true small size hob, and he has been a fabulous hob in his time here.
His temperament ws second to none and it lives on in his descendants. Like Mischief, I owe him everything.

Sydney aged gracefully, fathering his final litter in 2017. He underwent emergency surgery in 2019 and pulled through despite his age. He lived a steady but content life from then. In winter 2019 Syd came indoors and was diagnosed with lymphoma. His decline was gradual and I helped him pass on a sunny afternoon on the lawn when his eyes told me he was tired of life.

Join your girls Snowy and Chocolate, and your beloved son Henry. Dook in peace my special man x


Bajnok Jara Ghin

29th October 2016 - 16th August 2020

Jara joined us in the summer of 2017, and has been a challenging character for her entire life, with a very clear hybrid temperament.
She had a beautiful litter in 2019, and retired following this but finally seemed happy in a family group with her 3 daughters.

Jara experienced a severe chronic illness in the summer of 2020, and fought hard. Sadly, multiple organ failure forced the decision to let her go.

You taught me so much little lady, you live on in your daughters. Wait patiently for them until they may join you x


Mischief Maker's Petal

19th April 2014 - 25th August 2020

Petal was always a favourite, she was such a wonderful little jill and very much her mother's daughter.
Petal had 2 litters and some absolutely amazing babies, she lives on in so many of the ferrets I have here today.

Petal developed ovarian cancer in the summer of 2020, despite surgery the cancer had already spread and I was forced to ease her passing in my arms just 2 short months later.

I'll never stop missing you precious Petal. Play hard with your Mum and beautiful children who tragically passed before you x


PJW Silver

June 2016 - 7th September 2020

Silver was a beautiful little hob gifted to me in 2018. He was always busy but so sweet natured.
Silver fathered 2 litters here and thankfully lives on in our beautiful Honesty.

Unfortunately Silver became unwell with a severe gastroenteritis and experienced severe complications which he could just not overcome.

You are incredibly missed little man x


S Summer

May 2014 - 29th September 2020

Summer has always been a huge character and big presence in her group. She was never far from the action and always busy!
Summer gave us 11 beautiful children in her time and had a long retirement with her group.

Summer was diagnosed with insulinoma in 2019, I suspect due to her love of biscuits, and sadly stopped showing a good response to treatment.

Play hard with your kids Summer, find Ebony and Luna and wait for the others x


CFW Barley

May 2015 - 10th November 2020

Barley came home in 2015 with his two sisters, Fern and Willow, and since his first season has been our vasectomised boy.
Barley had a perfect nature, with ferrets and people, and was always first one awake when I went into the shed.

Barley passed very suddenly in his sleep, having shown no signs of ill health before hand.

Find Willow up there my boy, and rest easy x


SL Thistle

16th May 2016 - 20th December 2020

Thistle joined us as a kit, and has been a perfect gent for his whole life.
He fathered a litter in 2019, but his kits weren't quite what we were hoping and so he was retired following this.

Thistle started to show signs of heart disease and sadly then passed away very rapidly before any firm diagnosis was reached.

Bumble round the bridge Mr Thistle. You are much missed x


GW Tarka

31st May 2016 - 9th March 2021

Tarka has been a fabulous boy for his entire life, and has fathered some truly wonderful kits in that time.
He fathered a number of litters in 2017 and 2018, and then had a few years implanted with his ladies.

I had hoped to pair Tarka one last time, and he was days from his date when he passed peacefully in his sleep.

You'll always be missed Tarka, and you will never be forgotten x