Loved and lost

Ferrets gone but not forgotten ...



April 2010 - September 2012

Panda joined us from a small size ferret breeder in Yorkshire, and she was chosen by our gorgeous Mouse who was quite fussy about her cagemates.
She came to me with a few behavioural issues and I've never had a biter quite like her, thankfully after a few months of patience and pesistence, she turned into the most loving and cuddly little jill. She had a beautiful litter to a friend's hob in 2012 and gave us the gorgeous Parsley and Mara. Sadly, later on in 2012 she developed a malignant adrenal gland tumour and I had to make the decision to allow her to pass.

Taken too soon my sweetheart. Never once forgotten x


WW Marley

May 2013 - June 2014

Our beautiful Marley was a stunning part miniature who joined us from Yorkshire along with our beloved Mischief. He was such a quiet and sweet hob, and incredibly gentle. He gave us two stunning litters here in 2014.
He sadly developed gastric ulceration due to Helicobacter mustelae and I could not save him despite treatment. He passed away in my arms.
Marley lives on here in his daughters

My little man stolen away. You fought so hard. Run free baby boy x


HAH Chocolate

April? 2005 - June 2015

Chocolate came to us in 2014 along with Snowy, Sydney, Henry and Flower and she was an absolute joy to have.
Chocolate passed away very suddenly in her bed, and a post mortem revealed lymphoma.

Stolen away by the cruelest of diseases. You are sorely missed my darling and always will be. Play hard up there x


HAH Snowy

April 2004 - March 2016

Snowy joined us along with Sydney and her kits, Henry and Flower, in 2014 and was an amazing little ferret, one of the cuddliest jills I have ever known. She was just fabulous in every way. I feel priveliged to have had her in my life for the amount of time I did.
Snowy was diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2015 and sadly we had to help her pass once her quality of life had deteriorated.

She lived life to the full and leaves a big hole. You will always be remembered and missed Snow-bo x



April 2005 - May 2017

I brought Mouse home in January 2012, and she was just perfect. She had a blurred history and was free. She was a part miniature and had been sold to a working home along with a joblot of nets and locators and had been put in a hutch with numerous large hobs who had not only left physical scars, but emotional ones too. Mouse stole my heart and picked her own friend, Panda, a month or so later. She was the most incredible little jill and was loved by everyone, even those who didn't like ferrets!
Mouse grew old gracefully and I helped her across the bridge at home on the lawn on a sunny day.

My first ferret. This little lady started it all and set the bar high. Missed every single day x


DCG Dolly

June 2015 - May 2017

Dolly joined us in 2015 and came from a good friend in Grimsby. She was incredibly tiny and had a beautiful temperament. Dolly was never bred as I had concerns about her size and ability to carry and rear a litter. She helped Fern rear her litter in 2016 and helped Tweasle through her maternity in 2017.
Dolly became suddenly very unwell and passed within a day and although a post mortem revealed nothing concrete, an acute illness was confirmed and insulinoma suspected to be a part of this

My precious little Dolly. You were taken far too soon. Missed by me and all your friends x


MMF Mara

May 2012 - November 2017

Mara was such a feisty jill kit, she stayed with us as I suspected nobody would want the bitiest kit in the litter. She grew into a fabulous gentle jill though and was my stunning girl. Mouse adored her. Mara was never bred in light of the fact her mother had passed with a neoplastic condition that we were concerned may have a genetic basis.
Mara was diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2017 and we helped her pass at home when medication no longer gave her a good quality of life.

My beautiful Mara. You'll be missed sweetheart. I hope you're reunited with Mouse up there x


MMF Parsley

May 2012 - January 2018

Parsley was a huge gentle giant and my baby always. He was born here in 2012 and I just could not part with him. He was sadly diagnosed with adrenal gland disease at 18 months old, despite being entire and did incredibly well with regular implants, living a further 4 years before the condition progressed and I had to let him go.

My gorgeous boy. A huge teddy bear and my baby boy always. Join Mouse and Mara my Parsley man x


MMF Ebony

19th May 2016 - 12th June 2018

Ebony was born here out of Summer and Ash's 2016 litter. She was a very fast, but very lovable jill, having inherited the character of her mother.
Ebony was never unwell in her short life, and died very suddenly when her litter were 3 weeks old. A post mortem revealed she had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is rare in ferrets but typically produces no clinical signs prior to sudden death.

My stunning girl. Such a sweet jill taken far too soon. There was nothing I could have done, dook in peace my girl x


CFW Willow

May 2015 - 26th September 2018

Willow was Fern's bigger sister, and came home to Mischief Makers in 2015. Willow loved people, just like her siblings, and was a complete joy. She had her first and last litter in 2016 and gave me 4 wonderful kits. Willow had endometritis and underwent an emergency spay 2 days after whelping, but made a full recovery following this and still managed to rear her kits. She had come through so much and was such a tough little jill.
Post mortem didn't reveal an infectious, inflammatory or cancerous cause for Willow's sudden passing. I never saw her unwell and never had a chance to save her.
After extensive investigations following a disease outbreak in September/October 2018, it is likely Willow died with botulism from contaminated food.

My little sandy quicksilver girl. She gave me so much and I miss her. Dook in peace my special little lady x


MMF Aspen

18th May 2018 - 7th October 2018

Aspen was a beautiful young hob with a really lovely temperament. He was so mischievous and so sweet. He survived against the odds as a tiny kit, and grew into the most handsome boy. He was a proper Mummy's boy and loved his cuddles. I had such high hopes for my boy, but sadly it wasn't meant to be.
Aspen suddenly started struggling to breathe and after investigations, the kindest thing was to let him go. A post mortem revealed dilated cardiomyopathy. Whether this was the result of his rocky start to life I will never know.
After extensive investigations following a disease outbreak in September/October 2018, I now suspect Aspen died with botulism and the heart abnormalities were not the primary cause of his death.

My handsome boy, he brought me so much joy and made me so proud in his short time on earth. I will always miss you and wonder what might have been. Dook in peace my precious Aspen x


MMF Flint

29th May 2016 - 18th October 2018

Flint was the long awaited hob here at Mischief Maker and he did not disappoint. He was a hugely people-oriented ferret and was so agile and naughty! He was forever looking for the next adventure. He had all the best bits of his Mum, Willow, and his Dad, Basil.
I found Flint struggling to breathe one evening and despite emergency treatment he passed away within hours. A post mortem revealed Flint died of botulism during an outbreak of disease in the ferretry.

Flint, you were so naughty, but so wonderful. I am so sorry I couldn't save you baby boy and I will never stop missing you. Dook in peace Mr Flint x


KF Stinker

May 2016 - 19th October 2018

Stinker joined us in 2017 and I was so excited about his arrival here. He was a fabulously lovely, sweet hob and loved his best mate, Brin. He was a busy lad, and always nosey. He used to supervise cleanout time from his hammock and never missed a thing. Sadly, despite several pairings, Stinker never fathered any kits with us.
I found Stinker struggling to breathe the next evening after losing Flint and, like Flint, he passed away in a short time despite treatment. A post mortem revealed Stinker had likely contracted botulism, due to contaminated food, and was the fourth casualty of the outbreak here.

My stinky boy, you were so loved. Your character will always make me smile and I am so sorry we didn't have long. Miss you my Stinky boy, dook in peace x